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Last Day On Earth Tips, Tricks, Cheats + Guide [Update]

Here you can get the best tips to survive the zombies of the last day.

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In this last day on earth tips, we will review all aspects of the ldoe game in detail. All recipes, enemies, places, and others are included.

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Last Day On Earth Survival Tips + Guide

Last Day on earth is a survival game for mobile phones [Android + iOS] with all the components of a survival game, albeit set with zombies.


This last day on earth tips guide is not made for novices [Last day on earth tips for beginners], although if you already have level 4 or 5, it will serve you equally since it basically covers all aspects of the game.

Last Day On Earth Tips

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Whether you have just started and you find yourself naked without knowing what to do, as if you have been playing for a while, you will be interested in knowing not only where each of the resources of the game is obtained, but also the best places to get them. Find LDOE Survival Guide


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The water, the food, the fabric, the construction materials, or the ones that you will need to the crafter. So, we will give the best recommendations and last day on earth tips so you can farm them easily. Get resources on last day on earth tips


If you click on the crafting menu you will see a thousand things to make, and in all of them, you will have the necessary materials.

But additionally, we have prepared a recipe guide, not to know how to make a stonemason’s table, which already comes in the crafting menu. LDOE Survival Tips


If not to know where to get all those necessary materials, from the pine plank to the thick fabric. We will need it to make weapons, clothes, food, constructions, etc.

Get all recipes in last day on earth tips


If you do not know what each plane is for and you want some information before unlocking it. We recommend that you look at the craft guide, in which we explain everything.

You can get with each of the plans of the game and we give you recommendations about the that really are important and those that are not. Guide to craft in last day on earth hints


You will have to face many types of zombies, and you will also have to hunt animals like wolves and deer.

So we have also prepared a guide for you to know the weapons and techniques you will need to defeat each one. All enemies in Last Day on Earth and how to defeat them


If you want to know which weapon to use for each occasion, you will have to take into account its damage, but also its damage per second.

So take a look at the weapons tutorial where we explain how really good each one is and when it should be used: Best weapons of last day on earth strategies

Best Suits

If you want to know which costume or clothes to wear for each occasion, we have prepared a tutorial in which we explain which ones are worth the most.

There are some that are easy to get and others that are perfect for more complicated situations, so do not miss it: Best costumes in last day on earth tips tricks


There are several means of transportation in the game. All of them very complicated to unlock. But each one will give you something different, or it will allow you to reach different places.

So take a look at everything you need to get them and start building those that are currently enabled: Find vehicles in last day on earth guides


Our faithful companion who will help us both to protect our base and to make equipment in the raids to other areas.

We explain everything about the puppies and how to get them for free, the dog box and how to build it, the adult dogs and the faithful friend and how to unlock it: Dog guide in last day on earth guide


Until they update we have these types of places:

Trees & Crags

In the groves, you can get pine (+) and limestone. And on the cliffs limestone (+), iron ore (+) and wood. Although in both sites you can get between 2 and 4 chests with additional materials.

Both Places Have 3 Difficulties

  • Green (easier)
  • Orange (intermediate)
  • Red (difficult)

We do not recommend going to the reds because there is an enemy that at the moment is impossible to overcome. Although we recommend that you review the guide of enemies that we explain to you above.


At the moment there are 3:

  • Bunker Alpha: We recommend going as there are interesting materials. Here is the  best and trending Alpha Bunker guide
  • Bunker Bravo: There are many enemies, although it is also interesting. But we recommend seeing the Bunker Bravo guide in last day on earth tips
  • Bunker Charlie: At the moment it can not be accessed.

Houses Of Other Players

They are NPCs and can be raided by knocking down walls or level 1 doors with the hatchet. There are many resources, weapons, etc., So it is highly recommended to visit them.


We can get enough wood by felling trees. In addition, the merchant will offer us weapons, but in exchange for materials. If we want to carry out the exchanges, we recommend always going with 20 pine planks, 20 iron ingots, and 20 stone bricks, since they will ask us for one of the 3 things.

Survival Box

It is important to go there, as we can find rare materials. And in the process, we can take a few trunks home by cutting down trees.


It is probably the best place to pick up rare materials. It is full of suitcases with objects like those that appear in the chests of the groves or cliffs. And there will also be trees to fell.


When the game is online, we’ll see. But at the moment the only risk is the hordes of zombies, which basically throw us the walls.

So, for now, the only advice is that before trying to make a whole stone house, you have to surround the whole house with zombie traps. Because even the stone walls, the best currently, they knock them down.

We have also prepared a collection of LDOE tricks. Where among other things you can see the best way to kill zombies, the best fuel, how to get events, etc.

Here you can see all the last day on earth tips tricks of the game.


The bases of our neighbors can be plundered or raided. In some cases, we will need C4, but all bases have walls that can be broken with hatchets.

So do not miss the opportunity and take a backpack when you go there because there are a lot of things. How to raid in last day on earth cheats

Level Up

If you want to know the best ways to get experience and level up as fast as possible, do not miss our guide on the subject: How to level up last day on earth hacks

Play On PC

Maybe after the last updates, you are having problems, whether it is the case or if you prefer to enjoy the game on the big screen.

We also leave you a tutorial to play on PC: How to play Last Day on Earth on PC?


There are a good number of offers in the store.

We explain the contents of all the packs in the store so that you know that it can be worthwhile and that it does not make sense to buy. LDOE store

Although we anticipate that except for a pack of weapons, almost everything has very little utility.

Start With The Tools

In order to succeed in this adventure, you have to make proper use of resources. When you’re starting, do not spend your time and the few resources you have to build a house. 

Well, the cost is very high and, initially, it will not be worth it. If you want to survive in last day on earth tips, focus on gathering the necessary tools.

Get an ax as soon as possible, you will need 3 wood and 3 stone. To get rock and metal acquires a peak. You can get a peak with 3 wooden and 3 stone. Keep in mind that your first weapon can be a spear.

Build a Bonfire to Cook

Last Day On Earth Tips


As a good survival expert,  you can eat raw foods, but it will not satisfy you so much, it ‘s better to cook them. To get the bonfire you can find it in the tool icon, you need 5 wood and 5 stone.


Better Bathe

Last Day On Earth Tips

Every time the zombies have thrown their toxin on us, we must shower immediately. The smell will remain in our clothes and attract other zombies when it goes out again.

If you do not, surviving in last day on earth will be a difficult task. The zombies can track you quickly.

Before you bathe, empty everything you have in the trunks. If you have the full inventory the 2 bottles that you use will remain on the ground and you will lose them.

Get Supply Boxes

Get supply boxes - Last Day On Earth Tips

In last day on earth, you are likely to find military supply boxes and military bases. Both are points of interest in Last Day on Earth tricks. Points such as supply boxes are time-sensitive and will disappear after the set time.

If you are capable, you will want to go hunting these boxes to take some high-quality loot.

In addition, you will find military bases that are fixed points of interest (which means they do not disappear).

You need a card with security code, in order to explore these military bases. You can usually acquire a card of dead zombies and/or players. Within these military bases, it is the supplies and valuable resources (such as weapons) that will be worthwhile.

Although trying to explore it can be a double-edged sword. Well, the bunker brings with it a giant horde of zombies.

So, if you are a newbie. We recommend not using the access code. We have discovered that these events always appear when you reduce the energy level below 50 %. Try it to force the appearance of an airplane or a supply box.

Silent Mode

Surely attacking a zombie in front is not the smartest thing to kill him. In this modality, we can reach behind our victim without making any noise.

Below and to the right, we have a button to activate it. Something useful for deer, but it also works to catch a zombie off guard and annihilate it.

In this way, the blow will double the damage (this depends on the zombie and the weapon). Since the fast teethers usually have time to damage us with some of their blows.

This option will not work much with giant zombies. For example, if you have a weapon with damage 17, in silent mode it will take your opponent 38 out of life, this can make the difference between living or dying.

Be careful when you attack one zombie close to another, any movement without crouching will attract the attention of the rest and you will be the one to suffer the ambush.

Get Off The Map Run For Your Life

This is usually the common scenario to survive in Last Day on Earth: Survival Everyone is against you!.

So you better get out and escape these situations. For example, if you carry your backpack full of supplies, would you risk losing everything?

The best thing is to run away. It’s not cowardly, it’s smart. Get out of the map. Outside you can heal and eat something. It is important that you remember that when you re-enter.

The situation may be just as you left it, that is, the zombies might be waiting for you there to annihilate you, although it is also possible that they are gone. So go home to dump all your items in a box or even in the van.

Commit Suicide

Now, in this game, suicide is not such a crazy idea. Get rid of all your goods by placing them in a box, without the need to spend bandages or first aid kits, or a single meal to recover your life.

Just return to the map to be killed and relive with life to the fullest. You can leave weapons and a backpack in the truck to renew the collection instantly. Armed, healthy and strong as oak to continue this survival a little more.

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