Last Day on Earth All Recipes Guide, Tips & Strategies

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In this guide of recipes in last day on earth, we will explain how to get each material and the benefits we get.

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All recipes on last day on earth:

We will not explain all the possible combinations. Since this is the crafting area, where you can see for example the materials needed to make a garden or a backpack.

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What we are going to explain is how to get each of the materials that we will need for that craft or for other utilities, the recipes of the crafting tables.


Last Day on Earth All Recipes

Last day on earth all recipes – Food:

Carrot stew:

  • Requirements: Bonfire and Vegetable Garden
  • Recipe: 1 carrot + 1 log at the stake = 1 carrot stew
  • Effect: 20 of life, 25 of hunger, 5 of thirst

We will have to plant the carrot seeds in the garden so we will get the carrots. Carrot seeds are in the plants where we also get vegetable fiber. Get LDOE Survival Guide

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It is the easiest and most profitable food to get.

Juicy steak:

  • Requirements: Bonfire
  • Recipe: 1 raw meat + 1 log at the stake = 1 juicy steak
  • Effect: 20 life, 30 hunger, 5 thirst

Raw meat is obtained by hunting deer and also wolves.

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It’s a little better than carrot stew but much slower to get. So it does not hurt to pick up raw meat, but it is not the best technique to accumulate food. Last Day On Earth Food Guide

Tea of berries:

  • Requirements: Bonfire
  • Recipe: 3 berries + 1 trunk in the bonfire = 1 tea of berries
  • Effect: 5 hunger, 30 thirst

The berries are collected from the bushes with red spots. It is not very useful, because it is better to use water for thirst and berries for hunger and health. Find LDOE Survival Tips

Dried meat:

  • Requirements: Meat Dryer
  • Recipe: 1 meat = 1 cured meat
  • Effect: 20 life, 40 hunger, 5 thirst

With the raw meat of deer or also of the wolf. It’s a bit better than the juicy steak, although it requires building the dryer only for jerky, and does not provide more life, which would be interesting.



  • Requirements: None
  • Recipe: 5 piece of cloth = 1 bandage
  • Effect: 40 life

The pieces of cloth can be collected from the corpses of zombies. Although they can also be manufactured from vegetable fiber on the sewing table. Best Way To Get Parts For Motorcycle


Pine plank:

  • Requirements: Woodworking Bench
  • Recipe: 1 pinto log = 1 pine plank
  • Effect: Duration as fuel x2

We recommend using it always as fuel, instead of the trunks, since it lasts twice as long.

Pine logs can be picked up from the ground one by one or by cutting trees three by three

Stone brick:

  • Requirements: Stonemason’s table
  • Recipe: 2 limestone = 1 stone brick.

The limestone can be picked up from the ground one by one or by chopping three-by-three stones

Iron Ingot:

  • Requirements: Foundry furnace
  • Recipe: 2 iron ore + 2 pine plank = 1 iron ingot. It can also be done with scrap metal. But it consumes double (4 scraps), so we do not recommend it.

Iron ore can only be obtained by chopping iron-stone, three by three. Last Day on Earth Tips


  • Requirements: Workbench
  • Recipe: 1 iron ingot = 1 Nails.

They can also be obtained in chests, bags and other treasures. But if you want to have a production, this is the way. You can see how to get iron ingots in the previous point.

Aluminum Ingot:

  • Requirements: Foundry furnace
  • Recipe: 2 aluminum cable = 1 aluminum ingot. O 4 Bauxite = 1 Aluminum Ingot

At the moment the aluminum cable can only be found in the lower levels of the Alfa Bunker

Aluminum plate:

  • Requirements: Workbench
  • Recipe: 2 aluminum ingot = 1 aluminum plate

Although the problem is the same as with ingots, the only raw material is the aluminum cable, which is only in the Alpha bunker. Last Day on Earth Cheats

Iron plate:

  • Requirements: Workbench
  • Recipe: 1 iron ingot = 1 iron plate


  • Requirements: Bonfire
  • Recipe: 1 pine log = 1 Coal. O 1 Pine plank = 2 carbon.


  • Requirements: Foundry furnace
  • Recipe: 5 copper = 1 copper ingot


  • Requirements: Refined smelting furnace
  • Recipe: 1 Iron ingot + 1 aluminum ingot + 1 plank + 1 copper ingot + 2 carbon = 1 steel ingot


A piece of cloth:

  • Requirements: Sewing table
  • Recipe: 2 vegetable fiber = 1 piece of cloth

Pieces of cloth can also be collected from dead zombies. But if we want to produce in quantity to move to better clothes, we will need the sewing Last Day on Earth Resources Tips

They are also produced with vegetable fiber and in the plant from which they are extracted, we will also obtain carrot seeds. So we’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Thick fabric:

  • Requirements: Sewing table
  • Recipe: 2 pieces of cloth = 1 thick fabric

See the previous point to know how to get a piece of cloth.


  • Requirements: Support for tanning skins
  • Recipe: 1 skin = 1 leather

The skin is obtained by hunting deer or also wolves.


  • Requirements: Support for tanning skins
  • Recipe: 2 vegetable fiber = 1 string

We get the vegetable fiber from the same plants that also give us carrot seeds.

Although there is much more to part of the recipes in Last Day on Earth. So for any other question of the game, you can also consult the complete guide.


Each level of the pieces of the house is obtained from the previous level. That is, if you want to do a level 3 floor, you will have to do the floor level 1 first, then improve it at level 2 and finally level 3.


  • Recipe level 1: 1 pine log
  • Level 2: 5 pine planks and also 5 limestone
  • Level 3: 10 stone bricks and 5 iron ingots

Wall and window:

  • Recipe level 1: 1 pine log
  • Level 2: 20 pine planks and 10 limestone
  • Level 3: 20 stone bricks and 10 pine planks


  • Recipe level 1: 1 pine log
  • Level 2: 25 pine planks and 15 limestone
  • Level 3: 25 stone bricks and also 10 iron ingots

Tip: if you want the horde not to break the walls put traps around. The horde breaks up to level 3 walls, the best at the moment. But if there are traps, they will break the traps.

We hope this recipe guide on last day on earth has been useful for you.

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