[Update] Last Day on Earth Alpha Bunker || Best Alpha Bunker Secrets Android/iOS

Get last day on earth alpha bunker tips, tricks, hints, cheats + strategies:

Find bunker alfa guide about clear bunker alfa in 10 minutes, how to open bunker alfa easily. We will show you how to overcome the alpha bunker in last day on earth survival. It is one of the biggest mysteries of the game, even in its beta version. LDOE Survival Tips

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Last Day on Earth Alpha Bunker || Best Alpha Bunker Secrets:

If there is something that is going crazy to everyone in the game is the last day on earth alpha bunker and its password. And finally there is news about the mysteries that hide the most popular bunker in the game:

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For any other question about the game, you can also consult the complete tips.


Access card to the alpha bunker in last day on earth survival:

The normal thing is that we get to the last day on earth alpha bunker directly and without much level. And it is not a problem since the access card will be found right there, in a corpse just before the entrance.

There are no enemies anywhere, so they are not in danger.

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To access the interior, all you have to do is put the card where it tells us when we try to interact with the access. [Ultimate Strategies] Last Day on Earth Survival Tips [Update]

last day on earth alpha bunker

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Password of the alpha bunker in last day on earth survival:

Note: Do not look for the Alfa Bunker’s password, it changes and gives us the citizen band radio or a soldier’s corpse on any red map.

Here more information, and updated about the password. The method to obtain it has already changed a couple of times.

You can now access the underground levels of the Alpha Bunker in Last Day on Earth Survival. But each level has a different key, and at the moment only the first level is known:

Enter the code on the screen and you will see an elevator. You will see that there are several levels, and you will have to go overcoming levels to access the next.

What does the alpha bunker hide in last day on earth survival?

Tips: Zombies do not regenerate, that is, all those who kill will not live again even if they kill you and you have to return. [Update] Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo Password, Code

And you can also recover all the objects of your corpse, but only from the last place where they killed you.

Upper floor:

Well, at the moment you can open all the ticket offices and you will find a few things that will be useful to you. You can get good equipment (clothes and weapons).


A previous step to the lower levels of the last day on earth alpha bunker where we can get enough objects by exchanging them for coupons in some terminals:

  • The rationing terminal
  • The survival kit terminal
  • Combat equipment terminal

Level 1:

We remake the guide because level 1 of the last day on earth alpha bunker is quite longer than we thought. Last Day On Earth Weapons Tips, Guide, Hack, Cheats

It is almost essential to carry firearms and armor. But since the improvised weapon and the bow were introduced, we can overcome this and the next levels without buying anything.

  • Frantic giant: Kills a touch, no matter what we carry, so firearms or ranged attack. It’s very slow, we can make it a bit dizzy, and if we go in stealth we can give it a strong hit with melee weapons. But then we would have to leave the map and there are 7 or 8 in this basement.
  • Turret: There is one after a puddle of blood that slows us down and another one next to an electrified fence. Without guns, a lot of food and protection is very complicated.
  • Gas: You have to deactivate it with the crank.
  • Electrified fence: To access you need 7 cables, 10 screws and 5 transistors. And of course, do not touch it. Upon entering you can get the minigun, a heavy machine gun.
  • Generator: It is our goal, you have to activate it, but for that, you have to go around the map
  • El Grande: There is a big one in a room, so do not open that door because against him there is nothing to do. Last Day on Earth Craft Tips, Guide, Hints + Cheats [Update]

Level 2:

Level 2 of the last day on earth alpha bunker is very similar to level 1. To access, in addition to the password we must have activated the level 1 generator.

As for what we will find, more of the same. Our main problems will be turrets and frantic giants. We will need firearms (or bow and improvised weapon) and armor. And we will have to go repairing and activating the devices.

The two main novelties are that there will be a room full of gas and we will have to get from the chest that is just before the gas mask. And when we are finishing the level we will also get the improved AK, as well as the plans of the acid bath.

The code changes every day, and it is achieved on the radio. Up we will be putting and updating all the passwords, but you can also get them yourself with the radio. Last Day On Earth Food Guide

Supervisor and protocol:

After rescuing the supervisor, in the lobby, we can activate the Protocol. After activating it, we will reset the Alpha Bunker in Last Day on Earth Survival and new enemies, new objects will appear and we will have access to the reputation reward system.

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