Last Day On Earth ATV || How To Complete ATV Transmission [Update]

Find last day on earth ATV, last day on earth ATV transmission:

Get best last day on earth ATV tips, tricks + cheats android/ios. This last day on earth ATV hack is 100% working for you. Below we will explain everything you need to know about craft and Last Day On Earth ATV. With it we can access places that we could not before.

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Get the ATV on Last Day on Earth Survival:

We should be a little chaste after trying to get the bike, but the hope is the last thing lost, and of course, it seems better means of transport.

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So next we explain how to get the Last Day On Earth ATV.


Last Day On Earth ATV

What is good in Last Day on Earth ATV?

The ATV will allow us to reach places that we can not access on foot or by motorcycle. In the current map, we see that we can cross shallow rivers, like the one in the north of the map and that gives access to the watchtowers or the ash forests. Last Day on Earth Survival Tips

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When we get it, we will take a giant step, since we will be able to access as little as possible the ash wood, and very probably another type of mineral. So getting the ATV will unlock many recipes.

Craft the ATV on Last Day on Earth Survival:

It is the first step, to be able to unblock it we will need 20 planks (not trunks) of wood, 25 bars (no stones) of iron, 15 wires, 10 adhesive tape (normal for making tanks) and 15 screws.

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If we already craft the motorcycle, it should not cost us a lot to gather everything. although we explain how everything is achieved:

  • Wood planks: We will need the woodworking bench and 20 wooden trunks that we can pick up or cut down from the trees. Put And Improve The Soil In Last Day on Earth
  • Iron bars: We will need the melting furnace, 50 iron-stones and 50 wooden trunks (it is the fuel).
  • Wires: They are in the same chests, bags or lockers, like screws
  • Adhesive tape: Exactly the same as screws or wires.

Although as you may guess, we are close to having our ATV

Place Condition:

We will need to condition the ground, just like with the motorcycle. Only now the dimensions are 3 x 3 and the floor has to be at level 3. Last Day on Earth Craft Tips, Guide, Hints

To raise it to level 3 we will need 10 stone blocks (no stones) and 5 iron bars (no stones) for each piece. So in total, we will need:

  • 1st Level: 9 Trunks
  • 2nd Level: 45 stones and 45 wooden planks
  • 3rd Level: 90 Stone blocks and 45 iron bars

ATV Parts in Last Day on Earth Survival:

They are quite similar to those of the motorcycle, but in greater quantity, and with some signing:

  • 200 engine parts (Engine parts)
  • 120 wires (Wiring)
  • 150 pieces of rubber (Rubber parts)
  • Scrap 500 (Scrap metal)
  • 320 screws (Bolts)
  • 100 (Ball Bearing)
  • 1 SUV Tarpaulin (ATV Tarpaulin)
  • A gas tank (ATV Gas Tank)
  • 1 Transmission (ATV Transmission)

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