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Learn how to make last day on earth best base layout android/ios. These hints and strategies about how to build last day on earth base defense will work properly.

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Last Day on Earth Build The Base:

We explain everything to you on the basis of the last day on earth tips for you to focus on what is really important and do not waste time with things that are useless.

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One of the initial doubts of anyone who decides to download last day on earth is how to start the base or home.


As in any survival, we need to store and protect our resources. And much more when after a few moments we discover that there is a zombie horde on the way to our house and the game itself warns us that we must improve our base.

But for now, This game is not multiplayer, although it may seem so. So in our base, we will only have to worry about a loose zombie that appears randomly and from the horde, which comes to visit us once a day.

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Then we go deeper, but to be clear, defenses do not need anything. The only threat is the horde, and the horde will only destroy walls and traps.

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So everything we use to protect us from the horde, it only has that utility, and it’s the only thing that will end up shattered once it reaches our base.

No other resource, crafting table, etc. are in danger. So building walls and traps only serve to destroy the horde. How to build a strong base defense?


What is important that our base is as optimized as possible for manufacturing or crafting. And also have good capacity to store and never have to throw away useful resources.

We recommend having all the crafting tables. From some such as the carpenter’s bench or the casting furnace and even the sewing table, we recommend having at least 2.

The most valuable thing that we can achieve with the base is a good production of iron ingots, pine planks, and clothes fabrics. Find LDOE Survival Tips

So we can have weapons and armor that are fundamental for incursions on difficult maps or bunkers

Here you can see everything that can be crafted

Build the base on last day on earth tips:

If we have a lot of stone and we want to climb the walls to the maximum, great. But we must know that the zombies of the horde, will destroy them with the same ease as those of lower levels.

If we want to be practical, we only need to organize the soil according to the requirements of each crafting table. We will save many resources, trips, and others.

There are many people who still ask, so here you can see how to improve the soil

Although the zombies will destroy us, it is always good to have 3 or 4 traps to kill ourselves. It may seem strange.

But when we are low in life and smell bad, we end up committing suicide rather than putting water for the shower and feeding ourselves.

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