[Update] Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo Password, Code, Card & Reset

Discover  last day on earth bunker bravo tips, tricks, guide and cheats:

Get tips about how to clear bunker bravo easily. These strategies help you to overcome the bunker bravo in last day on earth survival.

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Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo Password, Code, Card & Reset:

We will show you how to overcome the bunker bravo in Last Day on Earth Survival, possibly the biggest wave of zombies that you have faced.

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It is not the bunker that drives everyone crazy, the Alpha Bunker, but it also brings them and it is not easy to overcome at all until we reach a certain level.
So next we explain how to overcome the Bunker Bravo in Last Day on Earth Survival tips
Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo

Get the access card to Bunker Bravo:

Unless they have just started playing, they will have deduced that there are 3 cards, A, B, and C. And each one opens a Bunker, whose first letter corresponds to the letter of the card.


So for the Bunker Bravo, they will have to find the B card. LDOE Survival Tips

It is not anywhere in particular. But we should not take long to get it from any of the chests, bags or lockers.

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From our experience, we recommend looking for it in areas of difficulty 2, which are the ones that most objects of this type drop. [Ultimate Strategies] Last Day on Earth Survival Tips [Update]

If they already found the card, they opened and went through the gates of the Bunker, running to see what treasures it hid.

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They will have gotten a scare when they saw the herd of zombies coming for us. We do not remember how many there were, but at least there were 10 or 12 and among them, apart from the fastest of 80 in life, there was one of the big ones, of 300. So we cannot face all of them at once.

Kill the zombies in the Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo:

The technique consists in approaching, at the door, when they all throw for us to give a blow, then go to the exit of the map, but before leaving we give another blow and we are leaving.

We recover life with food or bandages and repeat the play. It seems tedious but with a weapon of more than 40 and some armor is quite fast just 5 minutes.

The recommended thing is to carry a weapon with the greatest possible damage. And the ideal would be to have the weapon with the most damage.

In any case, the only requirement is that it is the one with the most damage or we can craft.

Since we will give a blow, we will run and then another, we will not be hitting against everyone, so the speed does not matter.

Here you can see all the weapons of the game, in case you do not know the damage they have. Just read our Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo tips and follow them.

The suit is quite important, much more than the food or the bandages since we will take 10 or 15 hits. If they are 6 damage we will be playing each hit.

But with a good suit, we can reduce it to 1 or 2 damage per hit.

Here you can see all the costumes of the game to understand it.

And finally, take food or bandages, at least to recover 3 or 4 full bars of life. The Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo brings them to you, but you can overcome it.

We had the swat helmet and jacket, the club with skewers and food to retrieve more than three bars.

This is quite easy and it takes about 5 minutes. You just have to be quick to run after hitting and be careful because it gives a bit of lag to have so many zombies.

We try to get close and do not use anything, and try to approach very little by little and it does not work either. So we recommend doing it as we have indicated.

What does Bunker Bravo hide in Last Day on Earth Survival?

The truth is that nothing of the other world, in our case if we find good equipment and even a machine gun.

But none of the parts of the bike or the ATV that we were missing. And unlike Bunker Alpha, there is no password or anything else.

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