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How to get food on Last Day on Earth Survival?

Below we will show you all the ways to get food on Last Day on Earth Survival, collect, sow, hunt, cook, etc.

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Getting food on last day on earth survival and having a guaranteed food supply must be one of our priorities. Our hunger meter goes down whether we like it or not, and if we do not feed the survivor on time, we will die. So get the latest last day on earth food guide:


Last Day On Earth Food Guide

How to collect food in the Last Day on Earth Survival?

We started with the easiest way to get food at Last Day on Earth Survival. It is the most basic, but the red berries will save our lives on more than one occasion. Get LDOE Survival Tips

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They are clearly seen on the map as a small tree with a red spot. We just go, we take them, and we eat them. Later we will be able to produce improved foods with the berries, but we have to move forward a lot.

How to Hunt in Last Day on Earth Survival?

We can also get meat without having to eat our heads a lot. Simply, when we see an animal, we hunt it and eat its flesh. Discover Last Day On Earth Survival Horde Tips

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Although the truth is that raw meat contributes very little and it is quite necessary to be done, at least, with a bonfire. Once we cook the meat we will see that it gives us a lot more than raw.

Now, at the beginning we will find two animals:

The wolves will come directly for us and they will try to hunt us. Obviously, we will take some life, but it will not be a problem even if we go to bare fist, although it is always better to carry some decent weapon.

The deer will not attack us, but they will flee when they detect us. So you have to approach from behind and with stealth, pressing the button to bend down that is on the bottom right. With the fists, we will need two or three blows, and after each one, they will flee, so it is also advisable to carry decent weapons.

Although if we attack in this way, our hit will triple the damage.

How to plant in Last Day on Earth Survival?

Of course, we can also have our garden, they are the Garden Bed in the game, and they only require 5 of wood and 1 of the fiber of plants. Although we will need something to plant in them.

We will find the carrot seeds in the same shrubs that always give us plant fiber. Approximately half of the time, in addition to fiber we will also obtain seeds. Get Last Day on Earth Survival Tips

It is not the fastest method since each carrot takes an hour to leave. but we can leave 20 seeds producing and we will make sure that there is always something to collect.

And again, carrots, like meat, are much more beneficial cooked, so the fire is essential.

How to cook in Last Day on Earth Survival?

Well, that, we finally reached the bonfire (campfire in the game). We will need 5 wood, 5 stone, and 1 fiber to build it, and in it, we can cook both raw meat and carrots.

The products are cooked very fast and it is 100% recommended. Since they give us much more life and take away much more hunger. So it’s the best way to get food on Last Day on Earth Survival. Our last day on earth food guide will help you to get food easily.

Find water in LDOE?

But we will not only need to get food on Last Day on Earth Survival. Since we can also die of thirst if we do not drink water.

The first thing we have to do is get a few empty bottles, 5 or 6 is your thing. If they are full, we drink the water and we keep them. We can get bottles in the chests of any map.

And the second thing is to build the Rain, Hunter. It is a device that basically fills empty bottles, supposedly with rainwater, although the game does not rain.

It costs 10 wood, 3 clothes, and 2 metal. The wood will already know how to get it, the clothes are randomly given to us by the dead zombies, and the metal is usually in the chests any map.

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