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Discover latest last day on earth radio tower requirements for communication between survivors. Get radio tower complete guide upgraded.

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Get the radio tower in Last Day on Earth Survival:

Here you can get everything about last day on earth radio tower. In addition to vehicles, motorcycles, and off-roaders, the radio tower is another of the things we need most. LDOE Survival Tips

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What is the radio tower?

With the last day on earth radio tower generator, we take a tremendous leap, since from there we can access a clan and communicate by chat. Last Day on Earth Survival Tips [Update]


So the game goes from being a solo survival to a cooperative and social survival, where we can receive the support of other players.

Last Day on Earth Radio Tower

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It will also help us hire additional workers and increase the capacity and production of our crafting tables. We can produce more planks of wood and steel bars or plant more carrots, for example.

So for everyone who walks like crazy asking for the multiplayer. Until the radio tower can be activated, it does not seem that the thing is going to advance. [Update] Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo

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And although it is probably the biggest leap the game can give, it seems that it depends on other things coming before.

Because it seems that the necessary materials for crafting it can only be achieved when we have the ATV or the helicopter.

Craft the last day on earth radio tower:

It is the first step, to be able to unblock it we will need 8 boards (not trunks) of oak, 10 bars (no stones) of steel, 15 wires and 25 of scrap metal. So next we explain how to get the materials:

  • Planks of oak wood: On the maps, we see oak forests. But they are blocked, and to access we need the ATV.
  • Steel bars: To get steel bars we should be able to find steel or be able to manufacture it from other material. But at the moment in no scenario or treasure, we find steel. And there is no process to manufacture it enabled. So at the moment, you can not get it. And with that, the possibility of building the radio tower and being able to access a clan is blocked.
  • Wires: They are in chests, bags or lockers, in any of the scenarios to which we go.
  • Scrap: Exactly like wires, we’ll find them in treasures.

Can you get the radio tower?

No, at the moment, and waiting for future updates, it can not be achieved. Nor can we collect oak wood, for which it seems that we will need the ATV, which cannot be obtained yet, nor can we find or manufacture steel.

The developers seem quite active with the updates. So any day can surprise us. We will be attentive, and as soon as there is news about it, we will inform you.

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