Last Day on Earth Resources Tips & Strategies [UPDATE] || How to get more resources easily

Last day on earth resources unlimited:

Here we will explain how to get resources in Last Day on Earth, or the best ways to farm each of the materials you will need for recipes or craft.

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How to get more resources easily:

Here are some tips and tricks so you know where to get last day on earth resources and what is the best way to get them. Since all the resources in Last Day on Earth are necessary for recipes and crafting.

If you have any other questions you can also check the main LDOE Survival Guide of the game.

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Get food in last day on earth:

It is one of the first things you will need if you do not want to starve. You can collect berries, hunt for meat, and even plant your own garden.


When you have the food you can also cook it to improve its efficiency. We recommend that you look at the entire tutorial: Get food easily.

Last Day on Earth Resources

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Get water on the last day on earth:

Like food, you will need something to drink from the beginning. The food itself will remove some thirst, but you will have to find bottles of water in any of the places on the map.

Usually in the chests. Although it is not a definitive solution. Get LDOE Survival Tips

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The ideal thing to never have problems with thirst again is to build the rain collector. It only requires 10 logs of pine, 3 pieces of cloth and two pieces of scrap.

And once built you will have to put empty bottles to fill them with water.

Finally, you should also know that every day you will have 3 bottles of water in your mailbox. To access you must press the button with the symbol of the coins in the menu below and then lower left click on the mailbox. Last Day on Earth Craft Tips, Guide, Hints + Cheats

Get wood in the last day on earth:

Pine logs:

You can get wood directly by collecting the loose trunks that you will see on the ground. Although if you want to get larger amounts, make the ax and start cutting down trees in any of the areas where you see pines on the map.

You will also have wood in the stone areas, but less. Any tree will give you 3 logs of pine, at the moment you can not get another type of wood. [Update] Last Day On Earth Bunker Bravo Password

Logs of oak:

You can get them in the northern area of the map, from the Atalaya, and in any red zone, cutting some orange trees. Although in this case, we will obtain 2 oak logs per tree

With logs or logs, you can make planks if you build the carpentry bench. Something that we recommend, because as the material is much better. Last Day on Earth Survival Motorcycle

Get stones in the last day on earth:

Like wood, you can get them loose or 3 in 3 if picas stone with the peak. Although in the case of stones, there will be many more in the maps where stones appear.

With the loose stones, you can make bricks if you build the stonemason’s table. Something that we recommend, because as the material is much better.

Get iron in the last day on earth:

The iron can only be obtained by clicking on the iron piles, which are only in the areas of the map where stones appear. [Ultimate Strategies] Last Day on Earth Survival Tips [Update]

Each pile of iron gives us three iron-stones and the same peak that we use to get stone will serve us

With the loose iron ore, you can make ingots if you build the melting furnace. Something that we recommend, because as the material is much better.

Get fabric and ropes in last day on earth:

There are two ways to get these last day on earth resources:

  • Killing zombies: Although they can drop other objects, generally they will always give you pieces of cloth and ropes.
  • Sewing table: If you build the sewing table and collect fiber plant you can make pieces of cloth. And with the pieces of cloth on the same sewing table other more advanced materials to make clothes, such as thick fabric.
  • Support for tanning skins: If you build it you can make ropes from fiber plants.

Get skin on last day on earth:

To get the skin you will have no choice but to hunt since it is only available from wolves and deer.

As soon as you accumulate a few, we recommend that you build the support for tanning skins, so you can transform the skin into leather.

Get aluminum in last day on earth:

In the lower levels of the Alpha Bunker we can find the aluminum thread, and with the thread, we can craft the aluminum ingots that will serve us to make crafting tables and weapons.

Get coins on the last day on earth:

At the moment there is no way to get them for free in the game, you can only get them by paying for them. We will inform as soon as there is any news about it

Get energy on the last day on earth:

You can regenerate the energy with coins, so it would play through cash. But energy regenerates itself at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes.

So although sometimes you can despair because we are just in the middle of something, you really do not need to pay for it.

Recently they have added the ability to see ads. We will recover 15 energy per ad, so distances are no longer a problem.

Get bauxite in last day on earth:

The bauxite can only be obtained by clicking on the piles of iron, which are only in the red areas of the map where stones appear.

It is an additional but random reward. That is, it only appears when chopping iron, but not always.

Get copper on the last day on earth:

Copper can only be farmed in snowy areas, with all the difficulties of maximum cold.

With the copper mineral in stone, you can manufacture copper ingots, necessary among other things to make steel.

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