Last Day On Earth Survival Horde Tips, Tricks, Guide & Strategies

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The Horde in last day on earth will arrive at your base every day. But should you worry? How do we fight them? Is it worth fighting them? We solve all your doubts about the zombie hordes in this article.

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How do the Hordes work in last day on earth?:

The waves last day on earth survival tips take place every day. After each wave a countdown takes place and a new wave goes to your home.

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Last Day On Earth Survival Horde Tips


They are made up of a lot of zombies, all of them called herd zombies, and very similar if not identical to the wandering zombies. They are not fast, they have 40 of life and they remove 6 with each stroke. Separately they are not dangerous, but in a pack, the thing changes a bit.

For any other questions,n you can also check the game ldoe guide.

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What to do when the Horde arrives on the last day on earth survival tips?

The truth is that the best thing is to do nothing. They will reach our base, break a wall and leave.

If we stay in the base or arrive just when they are there we will not have many options as there will be too many. Find LDOE Survival Tips

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We can arm ourselves well and try to fight them, but it really is not worth it because we will not lose anything by letting them be by our house.

They will always break something, so we can choose to let them break our doors, walls or windows, or surround the house with traps. In that case, they will break the traps instead of the walls. We can also choose not to have walls or traps and so we will not break anything.

Clarifications about the horde in last day on earth:

There are several questions that any player who does not know them is asked, so we clarify them below:

  • They do not steal anything, so any of our objects are safe
  • They do not break work tables, or trunks, or anything that we have crafted.
  • By killing some zombie from the pack, we do not get anything other than what the wandering zombies drop when they kill them.

So we should not worry too much about the waves. It seems that they are a pressure mechanism for us to hurry to improve the defenses of the base to the maximum. But the reality is that if you do it you will only get to end up tearing down more expensive walls. Get Survival Tips

Therefore you can completely pass the wave, or if you feel like trying to kill them all. You will not get anything, but at least your corpse will be at your base and you will be able to recover everything you lost when you died.

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