Last Day on Earth Survival Motorcycle || Best Way To Get Parts For Motorcycle

Get last day on earth survival motorcycle tips:

Find easy tips to assemble motorcycle parts [100% legit]. We will explain everything you need to know about craft and to get the Moto in Last Day on Earth Survival.

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It is the first means of transport that we will achieve and will allow us to stop having to wait to recover energy. Get LDOE Survival Tips

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Craft the bike in Last Day on Earth Survival:

It is the first step, to be able to unblock it we will need 10 planks (not trunks) of wood, 5 bars (no stones) of iron and 5 screws. Last Day on Earth Survival Tips


Last Day on Earth Survival Motorcycle

It will not cost us much to reunite them, although we explain how everything is achieved:

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  • Wood planks: We will need the woodworking bench and 10 wooden trunks that we can pick up or cut down from the trees.
  • Iron bars: We will need the melting furnace, 10 iron-stones and 10 wooden trunks (it is the fuel).
  • Screws: The easiest thing is to find them through the chests, although they can also be obtained with the workbench. But the work table requires many things, and we will find them much sooner.

But unlike other unlockables, we still will not have our Last Day on Earth Survival Motorcycle.

Condition the place:

In order to build the last day on earth survival motorcycle, we will ask you to place it on level 2 ground. That means we have to make a 2 x 2-floor base and raise one level to the 4 pieces.

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The first level is obtained with 1 trunk per piece, but for the second level, we will be asked for 5 stones and 5 wooden boards per piece. Last Day On Earth Food Guide

So we will need a total of 4 logs, 20 wooden planks, and 20 stones.

Last day on earth survival motorcycle parts:

And just when we see ourselves riding in our Chopper, Harley, or whatever, is when the real gymkhana begins. We have just planted the place where we will build the bike and have unlocked it.

But now we have to put all the pieces together, and we will need:

  • 20 engine parts (Engine parts)
  • 10 wires (Wiring)
  • 2 wheels of Chopper (Chopper Wheel)
  • 20 pieces of rubber (Rubber parts)
  • 30 scrap metal (Scrap metal)
  • 30 screws (Bolts)
  • 10 Bearing (Ball Bearing)
  • 1 The exhaust pipe (Chopper Exhaust)
  • 1 Fuel tank (Chopper Gas Tank)
  • 4 Backpacks

You can already find all the parts of the bike. You may need to buy a box, but sooner or later you will see what you are missing.

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