[Ultimate Strategies] Last Day on Earth Survival Tips [Update]

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Last Day on Earth Survival Tips:

Here you can get a series of last day on earth survival tips, a new zombie survival for mobile, Android and IOS.

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Last Day on Earth Survival is a combination of two of the most hit genres today, zombies and survival. And the truth is that we have been very pleasantly surprised by the product that is currently in its beta version.


We will give you some tips for last day on earth survival tips so that your first few minutes in the game are a little easier:

Last Day on Earth Survival Tips

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What NOT to do when starting the game?

Our first advice for Last Day on Earth Survival cheats is that you avoid at all costs a series of things that will complicate your startup a lot. Following things should be kept in mind.

  • Do not leave the base: At the beginning, leaving the base is suicide, and nothing happens to die, except that we lose all the objects we have achieved.
  • Do not confront people: If you see a zombie, you can kill him, even though he better have made weapons before. But if you see someone playing, run away, it will kill you almost certainly.
  • Do not start at home: Before the tools and crafters go, basically because as you start by the house will force you to leave the base for resources and you will die.
  • Do not waste the booty: For nothing in the world, you leave the base carrying everything that contains the car, where you start. It is full of objects that will be very useful for us.

How not to die in last day on earth survival strategies?

The character can die for several reasons so you have to be vigilant.

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First of all, obviously a zombie or another person can kill you. So let’s be attentive to the life meter, the green bar on the top left because we can always run.

In fact, if they chase us, a little trick is to leave the map and re-enter. By the way, do not pay any attention to the horde.

By the way, another “trick” is that if you get close to the back, your first hit will triple the damage. This serves both to hunt and to kill zombies.

But you can also die of hunger or thirst. For this, it is convenient to enter the inventory from time to time, since there you will see how many reserves you have left. If you wait for the warning to come out, you will hardly have time left.

Here we explain how to get food in the game.

Where to start at last day on earth survival hints?

The truth is that you just have to follow the order of crafters. Your own level will limit you to a few things to do. But if you follow them in an order you will be sure to be able to level up faster and not run out of resources. The crafters are the Blueprints, and they carry the symbol of a spanner.

Before leaving the base, we need to have the following:

  • Ax (Hatchet): It is necessary to be able to cut trees and get larger quantities of wood. We will need 3 of wood and 3 of stone
  • Pica (Pickaxe): It is necessary to chop rock and get larger amounts of stone and metal. We will need 3 of wood and 3 of stone. We will need 3 of wood and 5 fiber of plants.
  • Spear (Spear): Our first weapon is not a big deal but we can kill some zombies. We will need 3 of wood.
  • Box small (Small Box): There can keep our objects, to avoid losing them if they kill off base.
  • Bonfire (Campfire): There we can cook the raw meat we get when hunting. We will need 5 wood, 5 stone, and 1 fiber plant
  • Huerta (Garden Bed): There we can plant seeds (we get them by picking fiber from plants) and get carrots. It costs 5 wood and 1 fiber.
  • Backpack (Casual Backpack): Essential for hiking, as it increases our inventory capacity. It costs 2 of rope and 3 of fiber.
  • Accumulator Rain (Rain Catcher): If we put an empty bottle collect water. It is worth 10 wood, 3 clothes, and 2 metal.

With all this, you can defend more or less.

Here you can also see some tips on how to build the base.

Unsolved mysteries:

One of the tips for Last Day on Earth is that they do not eat their heads with certain things. The game is still in its beta version and seems to lack content to develop. So we warned you that some things still cannot be achieved:

As soon as these puzzles have a solution, rest assured that we will inform you.

There is much more to these tips and tricks in Last Day on Earth Survival tips. So for any other question of the game, you can also consult the complete guide.

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