Put And Improve The Soil In Last Day on Earth [100% Legit]

Get information and tips about how to put & improve the soil in last day on earth:

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the soil in the last day on earth tips, what it is for, how to put it and how to improve it.

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How to build the floor in Last Day on Earth?

The ground in Last Day on Earth is an annoying requirement since it is required for many things and at different levels. So let’s see how it works since it is basic to the crafter in the game.

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First of all, let’s see its usefulness: Read also: Last Day on Earth Build The Base


What is the soil for in Last Day on Earth?

Put And Improve The Soil In Last Day on Earth

The floor in Last Day on Earth only serves to build or manufacture other objects on top. In many cases, certain vehicles, construction elements or objects, in general, will have a floor level as a requirement. These are the main items that require soil

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  • Walls and doors: To be able to put a wall we will need that before there is a floor, and to be able to level up a wall or door we will need to have it raised before the floor.
  • Vehicles: All vehicles require a floor at a certain level to begin gathering the parts they require. The bike requires level 2 and the level 3 SUV.
  • Objects: Certain objects such as the sewing table will ask us for a floor at a certain level on which to settle.  Last Day On Earth Food Guide

Keep in mind that some vehicles or objects will ask for soil at level 2, not level 3. So let’s pay attention when building the floors because if we raise them all to the maximum, there will be things that we can not do. LDOE Survival Tips

Now let’s see how it gets and improves the soil:

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How to put the floor in Last Day on Earth?

To put floor or floor for the first time we just have to press the build button (hammer and saw) that is on the right.

Below we will see the option to choose the floor, door, wall or window. We have to start on the ground. We click on it and then we choose the location on the map where to place it

It will cost us a pine log. Last Day On Earth Survival Horde Tips, Tricks, Guide & Strategies

And finally, let’s see how to improve it:

How to improve the soil in Last Day on Earth?

To improve a floor from level 1 to level 2 you have to press the construction button as well.

But instead of marking the floor on the menu below we have to select a floor that is already set to level 1.  [Ultimate Strategies] Last Day on Earth Survival Tips [Update]

Next, we will see an arrow, if it is in green we press it and we will improve it. If it is in gray we cannot improve it because we lack the materials, which are 5 stones and 5 pine planks

To improve it from level 2 to level 3, exactly the same. Construction button, we select a floor that is already level 2 and we improve. The materials are 10 stone blocks and 5 iron ingots.

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